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The Mission of this eBook

The mission of this eBook is to empower you to make decisions that will lead you to financial freedom. But my bigger mission in life is to help solve the wealth inequality problem. This book is the first step in that direction.

That is why I am donating half of the profits from the sales of this eBook to the most efficient and effective global charities that focus on helping people in extreme poverty.

Before we can solve this issue at the societal level, individuals need to be empowered in their own financial lives, then we can address the bigger picture. I have plans for future projects that will help demystify economics and politics so that we can create equal opportunities for everyone. We as a society have never been able to achieve that goal because we have always treated the symptoms of the problems rather than the root cause of them. In order to minimize poverty and shrink wealth inequality, we all need to understand which economic policies work, which ones don't AND why! This is a key component that needs to be focused on so that we don't repeat the mistakes of the past, and so that we don't waste our limited resources trying to solve problems with solutions that are poorly designed. Designing a program that has the right intentions but has the wrong incentive structure is the result of a misunderstanding of economics, and that winds up doing more harm than good.

Peace, Equality, and Freedom are the principals that we need to build our society around. Anytime those principals are compromised, many people suffer. If we are going to end the suffering, we need to stand together to fight corruption, injustice, and ignorance.

Please join me by spreading the word about this mission, and help make a difference for the people who need it the most. Thank you.

If you have questions, feel free to email us at:

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