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Money Saving Tips

The following are some simple money saving tips that can be implemented right away. There are so many more ways to save that I share in the eBook that can save you thousands per year and tens of thousands throughout your life. Saving isn't simply about following a few smart tips, it is about having a full saving and spending plan that keeps your quality of life high while helping you put away more money for yourself each year.

Get a free budgeting app that tracks your spending.

Use price comparison apps

Exercise from home.

Avoid signing up for mailing lists or membership sites unless you truly believe that they will improve your life.

Keep up with the maintenance on your car. Empty your car trunk of all heavy items that you don’t need. Keep tire pressure full and even. Keep an eye out for the cheapest gas stations on your usual driving routes.

Always look for deals, especially on necessary purchases.

Don’t feel the need to keep up your spending with friends, family, and neighbors. 

Enjoy cheap or free hobbies. Days off don’t have to be expensive. Go for walks, hikes, sightseeing, free tours, concerts, museums, libraries, parks, etc.

Cut down on soda, cigarettes, alcohol, weed, vaping, restaurants, TV/streaming services, or buying coffee at places where it costs more than $1.

Drink more water and less processed drinks. 

Buy a water filter for your house and a reusable water bottle for when you leave the house. 

Buy a coffee machine for your house, a reusable filter, and buy a ground coffee container that provides hundreds of cups of coffee for less than $10. (Or drink less coffee and more tea if you prefer that. Similar to ground coffee, tea can be pennies per cup.) 

Cook/prepare 90+% of your meals at home.

Stop looking at these little decisions as insignificant. Saving a few dollars doesn't seem like progress, but if you save a few dollars in a bunch of different ways consistently, that can equal thousands in savings that you can have within the next few months. For instance, I drink coffee everyday that I prepare at home for less than 10 cents a cup. Compare that to someone who buys a coffee for $2, 5 days a week. My weekly spending in this one category is less than a dollar. Their spending in this category is $10  per week. I can save $400 more than that person in just coffee. (And we all know that many coffee places charge more than $2 for coffee). If I use that same strategy on 30 different areas of my spending, that is how it can add up to thousands in a few months.

These tips are a tiny sample of the eBook. These are some of the simple tips that could help you save a small amount soon, but the eBook goes into much more depth about every area of your earning, saving, spending, and investing that will guide you for your entire life!

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