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10 Free Lessons from the eBook

The following are 10 sample lessons taken from different sections of the eBook. The full value of each lesson can be found within the eBook itself, as I expand on each of them with great detail, and relate each lesson to specific aspects of managing money wisely.

Mastering money can mean more time and freedom to spend on the other important areas of life. Many people avoid learning about the topic of money because they have a negative association with it, but thinking this way is not helping anyone. We all have the potential to do good regardless of how much money we have. 

In the world we live in, money has an influence on almost every decision we make. Your opinion on whether that should be the case or not does not change the way that the world currently operates. Do you want your life and your family’s lives to be easier or harder? Do you want more money to be in the hands of bad people or good people? Many people don’t feel the need to pursue money until they start exploring that perspective.

This book is the educational tool that will guide you to a future of wealth and freedom if that is what you desire. Together you and I will explore every lesson you will need to learn in order to make excellent financial decisions for the rest of your life.

For those who are not ready yet to invest money, you can begin to invest your time. Investing time allows you to learn about where you fit in the world, and how you can reach your potential. Learn everyday. Each day that you learn, you bring yourself closer to your goals. Your time is much more valuable than money. Every day spent is a day that you will never get back. 

Think about the big time-wasters in your life like social media, video games, watching shows or any other unproductive activity. ‘Time-wasters’ need to be kept in check. You don’t have to give them up completely, just limit them. You have to sacrifice some of your time now to invest in your future, or your life is going to be harder in the future than it is now. 

Watch a documentary rather than an entertaining show. Watch videos that educate you rather than entertain you. Listen to debates and interviews rather than music. Listen to podcasts by experts in fields that interest you. Go to the library a few times a month, and access the thousands of works of wisdom that are available to you for free. Any one of those activities will expose you to wisdom that is waiting for you every single day if you are willing to obtain it. Learning is what sharpens the mind and opens the door to opportunity.

You can learn while walking, driving, grocery shopping, or doing things around the house like cleaning or showering. That time is going to pass whether you are using it productively or not.

Investing effectively is about making as much money as possible, while spending as little time as possible, while taking the least amount of risk as possible. This eBook will teach you how to do that with simple proven strategies from the wisest investors of all time.

Investing before learning the basics is like running into the ocean without learning how to swim. The further you go, the more risk you are taking.

Investing is risky. Not investing is riskier. Investing unwisely is the riskiest.

Prudent investors can earn millions of dollars in their investing lifetime. The investors that never learn how to control their emotions will never get the opportunity to make that amount. This eBook provides a step-by-step guide of how to follow those prudent strategies, and how to take your emotions out of the decision making process.

We live in volatile times. There are many risks that exist that you don’t even know exist. When you are unaware of the risks, you can get lulled to sleep during the good times without understanding how difficult the bad times will be when they come. Being aware of the risks can empower you to manage those times emotionally and financially. Those times will come. The question is, will you be ready for them?

We should always challenge our belief systems and our biases. Before we draw strong conclusions about anything, we should fully understand multiple perspectives on that topic. It is easy to get trapped in an echo chamber of cognitive bias. We look for evidence to support our pre-existing notions. This is a classic human flaw that we all have. We must combat this by constantly seeking information that contradicts our view. The more we practice this, the better we will understand the full story, and can make intelligent decisions. 

Embrace your mistakes. Don't pretend that they weren't mistakes. The difference between someone who succeeds and someone who fails depends on who is willing to learn from their mistakes and use those lessons to guide their future decisions.

There is nothing more expensive than a missed opportunity. Right now, you have an opportunity in front of you. An opportunity to learn and grow. That growth can lead to a higher quality of life in your future if you are willing to take the steps to make that happen. 

Once you embrace a growth mindset and commit to making consistent progress, you bring yourself closer to your true potential, and your life will improve drastically. 

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